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We are CodeGeek. Our goal, is to develop free and open sourced courses that teach programming, and web development.

We want to equip you with the skills you need to build cool stuff, and also provide you with a framework to build upon. Meaning we want to get you started with the fundamental ideas of programming, so you can go on to learn higher level topics and languages, and also build even cooler things.

We have developed our learning platform to deliver the content to you in the best possible manor. We design all of our courses for complete beginners, and any that aren't for beginners, we will have the prerequisite course as well that will get them started. We really hope you enjoy learning with us here at CodeGeek. Now, go on and become a CodeGeek like us!


Intro to Programming with Python

This course will provide you with basic knowledge of computer programming. The course will teach you the basic fundamentals of computer programming. It will also teach you how to apply what you�ve learned to solve real world problems using code. Our course is designed to deliver the content to you in a way that is easy to understand and allows for you to easily �digest� the materials. We want you to learn the key fundamentals of programming so you can apply them to learn higher level languages such as Java or C#. You will learn to use code to solve real problems. We will learn things such as functions, classes and objects, file input and output, and many more interesting topics. As discussed above, we�ll have final projects to help enforce the skills we've learned and actually get you to apply them, and create something that is actually pretty cool, and useful.

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Intro to Web Development

In this course, we will learn the fundamental ideas of website development. We'll learn HTML, and CSS (in addition to the CSS framework Bootstrap). We will also briefly introduce the PHP programming language to add a little functionality to our websites. Lastly, we'll learn how to query databases using MySQL. In addition to all of this, we'll also learn how to setup both local environments and cloud-based environments. We'll also briefly introduce Git and Github to host our projects. We'll conclude the course by showing you how to setup a free web host, obtain a free domain name, and host your own websites!

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